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BroaMan Audio Video Network

BroaMan audio video network devices are fiber-based devices necessary for routing, converting and multiplexing media on a large scale. The devices transport all types of signals, including digital and analog video, digital and analog audio, digital and analog intercom and all forms of control data on copper and fiber infrastructure. BroaMan devices take advantage of Optocore and SANE technology to provide reliable and master engineered audio transport and routing solutions, however it is also able to integrate any other open or closed fiber transport protocol. The products are designed to transport 3G/HD/SD-SDI video, digital and analog audio, 4-wire and digital AES-based intercom, Ethernet, serial data (RS485/422), tri-/bi-level sync, Word Clock and many more.

Why Choose BroaMan?

Simplify Your Workflow

Designed to transport various signals over a single fiber cable, BroaMan audio video network devices help to simplify your workflow.

Lowest Power Consumption

Consumes less power than any other video network products with very efficient power supplies. Each device, even the most complex one, offering multiple channel routing, requires only around 20W of power. The large system consumes less power than a basic vacuum cleaner or, moving to the technical world, 10 times less than an Ethernet switch.

Ease of Deployment

Plug-and-play devices with no configuration required. Even if configuration is required to meet the specific needs on site, it can be done within one day, even for the most complex systems. Additionally BroaMan offers unique Automatic Routing which saves a lot of time when preparing a show. Changes requests are fast to execute and does not require a skilled and trained crew – which saves both time and the costs of a skilled engineer.

Low-Weight, Small Size

Be the hero and ring in larger cost savings with BroaMan products. In mobile units or touring applications, gas and the loading volume are significant considerations. Designed in standard-sized 1RU chassis, each weighing between 3-5 kg, BroaMan is the ideal audio video network solution for live broadcast and live productions.

COMduit Transport and Intercom Solution

All required signals are transmitted and received over those two connections; 8 channels of HD video, up to 768 channels of audio, and a copper-based network of LQ devices with multiple intercom connections. These various networks are combined using the multiplexing abilities of the BroaMan products with the ProGrid audio network optically multiplexed with the video point-to-point connections, and the Ethernet networks embedded in the same.

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